Stuff I'm going to use more in 2013

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Twitter bootstrap has really grown on me in the last few months, while I still code front end sites with a “keep it as small as possible” approach, the efficiency gained when using bootstrap is awesome.

PHP Frameworks

I finally started getting into using frameworks this year (Once I got my head around MVC they started clicking more & more). Yii has been one of the frameworks I thought was pretty cool (mostly because you can build a site based on the database set up).

I reckon this year I’m going to move more towards Zend & FuelPHP (maybe Laravel too).


I’ve really taken to using LESS in most my projects this year, though I’ve been using it with CodeKit on my Mac which feels messy. I’m looking at setting up my stack so it just complies on the server on the fly & caches on a CDN.


I’ve played a little with Node.js, it’s on my todo to use it more.

iTunes U

I love kicking back & watching videos on my iPad. I’m going to try and make use of some of the videos on iTunes U this year.

More Linux

I’m currently on OSX, which is nice but too many of the updates cause issues. I’m pretty tempted to make Linux Mint/Pear OS my default OS.