Waiting for Cloudinary uploads to finish with Rails UJS

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Rails has a really neat UJS feature that’ll disable a forms submit buttons after the user has clicked it. It’s a very handy to solve the age old problem of “User is clicking submit multiple times”. Similarly Cloudinary has a fantastic API that allows users to upload images directly to them, without the data having to make a stop your your server.

However, out of the box, UJS won’t wait for uploads to finish uploading to 3rd party servers. Luckily a bit of JavaScript magic solves this! I’ve setup a repo on GitHub which demos this script along with a Cloudinary + CarrierWave configuration example.

The form

This is a pretty bog standard Rails form. I’m using the Cloudinary Ruby Gem which provides the cloudinary upload helpers.

<%-- app/view/user/_form.html.erb -->
<% form_for :user, html: { class: 'cloudinaryable-form' } do %>
  The `cl_image_upload` method does all the authorisation magic and always has
  the class `cloudinary-fileupload`.
  <%= f.cl_image_upload(:image, allowed_formats: %w(jpg jpeg gif png)) %>

  Rails 5 will add the attribute `data-disable-with` to submit buttons, which is shown
  when the form is submitting.
  <input type="submit" name="commit" value="Create User" data-disable-with="Updating User">
  <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

The JavaScript

What the JavaScript will do is disable the form after the user clicks submit, but only send it to the server once the uploads are all complete.

// app/assets/javascripts/components/cloudinary.js
// I use turbolinks, but this can be replaced with `.on('ready')` if required.
$(document).on('turbolinks:load', function() {
  // If the field isn't on the page, cloudinary_fileupload is not configured or
  // Rails UJS is missing, don't add the listeners.
  if( $('.cloudinary-fileupload').length === 0
    || $.fn.cloudinary_fileupload === undefined
    || Rails === undefined
  ) {

  // Initialize the Cloudinary fields.

  // Add a listener that'll add a `data-upload-state` attribute when a user is uploading
  // a file, then clears it when the upload is completed.
    .on('fileuploadsend', function(e, data){
      $(this).attr('data-upload-state', 'uploading');
    .on('cloudinaryalways', function(data){
      $(this).attr('data-upload-state', null);

      // If the form is disabled but has been submitted, resubmit it.
      if( $(this).parents('form').find(Rails.formEnableSelector).length >= 1 ){

  // Add a listener to the form that'll delay the submission until the upload is complete.
    .on('submit', function(e){
      // If we're not uploading, let the form submit as normal.
      if( $(this).find('.cloudinary-fileupload[data-upload-state="uploading"]').length == 0 ){

      // Stop the form submitting (UJS will disable the submit button though!)

Other Notes

This is a very simplified example, the Cloudinary library helper has a bunch of other events that’ll allow for users to get visual feedback as to how their upload is progressing (and add a preview while it’s uploading).

A similar approach could also be applied when uploading files to other services (like AWS S3).