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If you're using Sidekiq with Rails 6 you may find that Rails 6 ships with non-default queue names for things like ActiveStorage and ActiveMailbox.

It's a little hard to find the documentation for the new queue names, but the new ones are:


If you're using sidekiq update your config/sidekiq.yml to look a little bit like:

:verbose: false
:concurrency: 1
:max_retries: 3

# Set timeout to 8 on Heroku, longer if you manage your own systems.
:timeout: 8

# Sidekiq will run this file through ERB when reading it so you can
# even put in dynamic logic, like a host-specific queue.
# http://www.mikeperham.com/2013/11/13/advanced-sidekiq-host-specific-queues/
  - critical
  - mailers
  - default
  - action_mailbox_routing
  - action_mailbox_incineration
  - active_storage_analysis
  - active_storage_purge
  - low

If you're looking for where these are defined, you can see them defined in Rails by calling:


This was written by Mike Rogers, a freelance Ruby on Rails developer based in London.

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