How to get the time an ActiveJob was enqueued at

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I recently had a Ruby on Rails ActiveJob task where I needed to know the exact time when the job was originally enqueued at (i.e. when perform_later was called).

Initially I passed an additional argument with the current time to the perform_later method call. That solution proved really messy, as I was needlessly passing the same argument in everywhere. It also wasn’t particularly quick to implement onto other projects & jobs.

After a bit of exploration through the documentation, I came across a enqueued_at method which is available out of the box with ActiveJob. However, as I experimented with this method I noticed if a job had to be retried due to an exception, the enqueued_at value would be updated to the time it had been enqueued to be retried again.

Getting the initial time the job was enqueued

I found the cleanest solution to solve this was to add a little attr_writer to my ApplicationJob class, which I pass as an extra value in when a job is serialized & passed onto Sidekiq.

# app/jobs/application_job.rb
class ApplicationJob < ActiveJob::Base
  attr_writer :initially_enqueued_at

  def initially_enqueued_at
    @initially_enqueued_at ||=

  def serialize
    super.merge('initially_enqueued_at' => initially_enqueued_at)

  def deserialize(job_data)
    self.initially_enqueued_at = Time.parse(job_data['initially_enqueued_at'])

Now when whenever I run a job, I have the method initially_enqueued_at available to me which returns the time the initial perform_later is called.