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Admin Panels In Rails 6 (Video Series)

I really like using ActiveAdmin for building admin panels within my Rails Apps. I've put together a quick video series to introduce people to it.

How to manage external links via Rails Routes

Linking to a 3rd party site & want to a nifty helper method? Here is a neat trick I found to solve this.

Ruby: Using the Double Splat (**) with Keyword Arguments

The double splat operator (**) in Ruby is really powerful, here's some examples of how to use it with Keyword Arguments.

Fixing ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError exceptions

I started seeing errors like ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError & Rack::Timeout::RequestTimeoutException, here is how I sorted it.

An Introduction To Stimulus.js

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine about Stimulus.js

How To Use List-Unsubscribe Headers In Action Mailer

Ever seen "Unsubscribe" links in your email client? Here's how to add them in Rails Action Mailer.

Reviewing The HEY Gemfile

DHH posted the HEY Gemfile, here are some notes I made about it.

How To Interpolate Templates in Stimulus

TL;DR: Use Lodash, it has a great template function that saved me manually coding a templating system.

Lessons Learnt Failing to monetize my Ruby Gem

I closed down my PigCI app. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

Where to host your Ruby on Rails App in 2020

So many options?! But which is the best all round for hosting & ease of deployment?