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Fixing ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError exceptions

I started seeing errors like ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError & Rack::Timeout::RequestTimeoutException, here is how I sorted it.

An Introduction To Stimulus.js

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine about Stimulus.js

How To Use List-Unsubscribe Headers In Action Mailer

Ever seen "Unsubscribe" links in your email client? Here's how to add them in Rails Action Mailer.

Reviewing The HEY Gemfile

DHH posted the HEY Gemfile, here are some notes I made about it.

How To Interpolate Templates in Stimulus

TL;DR: Use Lodash, it has a great template function that saved me manually coding a templating system.

Lessons Learnt Failing to monetize my Ruby Gem

I closed down my PigCI app. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

Where to host your Ruby on Rails App in 2020

So many options?! But which is the best all round for hosting & ease of deployment?

How to get the time an ActiveJob was enqueued at

Knowing the exact time you queued up a background job is handy, here is how to get it in Ruby on Rails ActiveJob.

How to use Rails.ajax in Stimulus Controllers

Make AJAX calls using Rails.ajax by including UJS into your Stimulus controller files.

Decoupling copy from your Ruby on Rails code with I18n

I18n is a great way to quickly translate your app, but it's also a great way to tidy up your code.