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Mailer Previews in Rails 5

How to share Rails 5 mailer previews in a staging environment

Lessons learnt from monetising my Chrome Extension

I made £170.35 over 3 months, and I made a bunch of mistakes along the way!

Making Remote Working Actually Work

The video of the talk I done at PHPHants on Making Remote Working Actually Work

Flattening an array with Regex in Ruby (Interview Question)

I was asked to flatten an array in Ruby, without using the flatten method. Here is the terrible answer I came up with.

Why I'm charging for LivePage

I made LivePage (my Chrome Extension) £2.99 a year, here is the explanation of why, and my future plans.

Improving Rails Enums using i18n

A helper method I wrote to make Enum in Rails more user presentable using i18n.

My first year as a Digital Nomad

A handful of pictures showing my first year of being a Digital Nomad.

Rails internationalisation (i18n) cheatsheet

A collection of examples of how to use the rails internationalisation (i18n) and a few quick start tools.

Additional Ruby Solr Sunspot setup tweaks

A few tweaks I made to my searchable blocks to make Solr Sunspot better.

6 Nifty Rails hacks you should be using

Six fairly generic Rails tips that are pretty obvious, but will improve performance and help keep your codebase tidier.