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Monitor Rails memory usage during acceptance tests

I had a memory leak in my Rails app and tracked it down using Oink.

Seeding with Seedbank

A video explaining how to use Seedbank in a rails project.

Some thoughts on making a jQuery plugin

I wrote a jQuery Plugin. Here are notes on the parts of used.

Displaying a Twitter feed

How to use the twitter gem to display tweets then fragment caching to keep things quick.

How to make a contact form

How to make a contact form in Rails with a BDD approach

I finally rebuilt my site :D

A overview of some of the techniques I used to quickly rebuild my site

My OSX setup

The brews I normally have to run to get setup

Geeklet for monitoring server ping

A geektool geeklet code sample that shows server status and ping.

How to setup a global .gitignore

How to setup a global gitignore which will help ignore annoying system files across all your git projects.

JustDelete.Me Chrome Extension chrome extension blog post giving a elevator pitch on its functionality with a screenshot.