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Preparing your blog for traffic spikes

A collection of benchmarking tools and caching solutions which should help keep a small site online during traffic spikes.

Reducing position:fixed; rendering lag due to scaled images

Using position:fixed; causes the page to lag when your scrolling, scaled images make this issues worse. Here is a fix to make it less noticeable.

My Web Development Stack

A few details about my local development environment and software I use.

How to backup a website to S3 on Ubuntu Server

A script breakdown of how to move backup your website (files and database) to Amazon S3 on Ubuntu Server

How to use Twitter OAuth v1.1 with JavaScript/jQuery

A simple JavaScript patch for twitter API V1 retirement issue.

Update all the things!

I updated a few of my Wordpress plugins, this is the summary.

Stuff I'm going to use more in 2013

6 new year resolutions for 2013.

List current active connections on Mac OSX

A shell script that shows active connections on Mac OSX

How to get better signal from the Virgin Media Super Hub

A method to improve the signal of the Virgin Media SuperHub

5 tips for traveling with Android smartphones

A few tips for traveling with an Android phone