Hello! I'm a web developer from Berkshire UK.
I've specialised in making performant Ruby on Rails applications since 2012.

Projects I've delivered


Visit Bundlify
Bundlify is an SaaS startup which makes invoicing on a branded domain super easy.

My Daily Shuffle

Visit My Daily Shuffle
Shuffle your playlists every day, so your smart device's music alarm will play it in a random order.


Visit LivePage
LivePage is a Chrome Extension that reloads web pages as they change.

Things I've written

Patterns to avoid when using JSON columns in Rails

Rails supporting JSON field type is a great, but can screw you right over.

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Rails 6 Sidekiq Queues

Rails 6 has new queues for ActiveStorage & ActionMailbox.

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Testing Rails Action Mailbox with RSpec

Rails 6 ships with Action Mailbox, here is how I added tests for RSpec

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Easier DateTime Localisation with Rails

Rails ships with a bunch ISO date formats (and a few localised ones), here is how to use them

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Naming colours in SCSS

Naming is tricky, here is how I do it.

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How to limit the size of Rails Logs

Rails log files growing to massive sizes? Limit them!

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