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Mike Rogers

Web Developer

Hello! I'm a web developer from Berkshire UK.
I've specialised in making performant Ruby on Rails applications since 2012.

Products I've delivered


Visit Bundlify
Bundlify is an invoicing tool I wrote after becoming dissatisfied with the current market space offerings.


Visit the TrackChanges Landing Page
TrackChanges is a Chrome Extension I wrote to help share front end changes to a with developers.


Visit the LivePage Landing Page
LivePage is a Chrome Extension I wrote that reloads websites as they change.

Things I've written

Where to buy your domains

Domain registrars is hard get right, here are the ones I like

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Removing Active Storage Routes from Rails 5.2

Active Storage is pretty cool, but it added new routes to my old rails apps.

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Setting up Heroku release tasks for Ruby on Rails

Run migrations, clear caches and other things without downtime when deploying.

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Using Decorators in Rails

Avoid adding if/else logic inside view, instead use Decorators.

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Using I18n in Rails Validations

Don't hard code strings into your models, put them in your locales!

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Stop resizing images with Ruby

Ruby shouldn't be used to resize images, instead do it in the cloud.

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