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Mike Rogers

I'm Mike Rogers, a Web Developer from London

I've specialised in making performant Ruby on Rails applications since 2012.


Typo CI Logo

Typo CI analyses commits for spelling mistakes and add annotations to Pull Requests.

PigCI Logo

PigCI is a GitHub integration that monitors memory usage in CI to help spot memory leaks.

My Daily Shuffle Logo

Shuffle your playlists every day, so your smart device's music alarm will play it in a random order.


Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
Ruby On Rails
Since 2013
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Badge
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Achieved 2020
Heroku Heroku
Since 2013

Recent Posts

Fixing ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError exceptions

I started seeing errors like ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError & Rack::Timeout::RequestTimeoutException, here is how I sorted it.

An Introduction To Stimulus.js

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine about Stimulus.js

How To Use List-Unsubscribe Headers In Action Mailer

Ever seen "Unsubscribe" links in your email client? Here's how to add them in Rails Action Mailer.

Reviewing The HEY Gemfile

DHH posted the HEY Gemfile, here are some notes I made about it.

Recent Contributions

Explictly set NODE_ENV on Netlify (#17)


fix: JSON-D product image link was ERB (#18)


Adding storage as volume to docker-compose (#16)


Run bundle & yarn on template app builder (#3)