Mike coding on his Laptop

I'm Mike Rogers, a Web Developer from London

I've specialised in making performant Ruby on Rails applications since 2012.


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PigCI is a GitHub integration that monitors memory usage in CI to help spot memory leaks.

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Typo CI analyses commits for spelling mistakes and add annotations to Pull Requests.

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Displays all the current Ruby meetings currently happening.


Recent Posts

Common (Non-standard) Ruby on Rails Migrations

I've always liked the way Rails handles migrations, here is a cheat sheet of the ones I do often.

Saying Goodbye To Typo CI

I decided it was time to close Typo CI. Before I pulled the plug, I want to document why it failed.

Moving From Tailwind To CSS Variables

I converted a project from Tailwind CSS to more vanilla-er CSS (i.e using CSS Variables, normalize.css, Mixins & PostCSS). This demonstrates the new code & my thoughts on using Tailwind going forward.

How To Handle Special Actions In Ruby on Rails Controllers?

Should we add an custom action to a controller, or is using RESTful actions within a namespaced controller better? Let's compare the approaches!