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I finally found a bit of time to update a few of my Wordpress plugins, here is a quick summary of the changes.

  • Socialize This - This is one of my oldest plugins, the update from 2.2.4 to 2.3.0 is mostly just a clean up of unnecessary UI linkage. Hopefully I should have version 3 finish by the summer (It'll mostly be a recode from top to bottom).
  • WP HTML5 Category Selector - I removed a load of unnecessary code from the plugin & the clear button. It now makes use of the search input type.
  • Gist Shortcode - I've been using this on my site for a while now, I decided it was finally worth sharing you everyone.

One of the main changes for all the above plugins is that I'm going to try & use their GitHub repos as the main issue tracker & develop them a bit more often.

This was written by Mike Rogers, a freelance Ruby on Rails developer based in London.

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