JustDelete.Me Chrome Extension

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Yesterday I pushed my new chrome extension JustDelete.me to the Chrome Store. It’s pretty exciting as it managed to achieve a fairly decent amount of installs on its first day.

The different traffic lights shown in the omnibus

What It Does

The extension takes data from my friends Robb Lewis and Ed Poole site JustDelete.me, then with that data adds a traffic light indicator to the omnibar indicating how difficult it is to remove your account on the site.

Plus if you click the icon, it’ll open the page where you should be able to delete your account account.

Did I mention it’s on Github?

As the JustDelete.me website has hosted all their code publicly on GitHub, I decided it would be fitting to do the same. You can contribute and critique the extension on the repo I set up for it.

Does it stick?

I’m watching the download and install stats pretty closely over the next few days. If it looks like people are making good use of the extension, I’ll work on creating a Firefox and Safari version.