How to limit the size of Rails Logs

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This week one of my colleagues opened a Ruby on Rails project they’d been working on for a while & noticed the /log folder had grown to over 60GB, which was causing some pretty funky performance problems.

Luckily, there is a one line fix to help keep log files in check!

How to limit logs to 50MB

Open the environment configuration files config/environments/development.rb & config/environments/test.rb, in both those files add the line:

# Stop the development & test logs from taking up to much space
config.logger =['log'].first, 1, 50.megabytes)

This will tell Rails you’d like to limit your development & test log files to be at most 50 megabytes, so they should never get to out of control again! Awesome!

Clearing other logs

Lots of other apps create random log files which eat up disk space, which are often hidden deep within your system. Here is a handy terminal command I sometimes run to reduce those log files to nothing:

find ~/ -iname '*.log' -exec dd if=/dev/null of={} \;