Hello! I'm a web developer from Berkshire UK.
I've specialised in making performant Ruby on Rails applications since 2012.

Projects I've delivered

Typo CI

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Typo CI analyses commits for spelling mistakes and add annotations to Pull Requests.


Visit PigCI
PigCI is a GitHub integration that monitors memory usage in CI to help spot memory leaks.

My Daily Shuffle

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Shuffle your playlists every day, so your smart device's music alarm will play it in a random order.

Things I've written

How to Lint FactoryBot Factories with RSpec

Invalid factories are the worst. Here is a script I normally drop into my rails projects to help spot them.

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How to set "Cache-Control" headers for Rails Webpacker & Sprockets Assets

Fix that pesky "Serving static assets with an efficient cache policy" PageSpeed suggestion.

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How to Speed Up Heroku CI via In Dyno Databases

My tests were feeling very slow in Heroku CI, I got a 2x speedup by changing one line of code.

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How to use Yard for offline documentation

I like to work offline, this documents my current setup & how I'm using puma-dev to make it effortless.

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Listening to Bootstrap Events in Stimulus Controllers

Bootstrap fires events via jQuery, which doesn't play to nicely with Stimulus. Here is how to make them play nicely.

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Using ActionCable & Stimulus to remotely update partials in Rails 6

How to provide real-time updates to a user in Rails 6, without having to reload the page.

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