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Getting started with Git

A video of the talk I gave in April on getting started with Git

Speed up bluetooth devices connecting to OSX

An OSX trick to make bluetooth devices connect faster.

How to use Google Web Fonts on Wufoo forms

How to embed custom fonts from google web fonts into Wufoo forms.

MySQL REPLACE function

An example of how to use the MySQL REPLACE function.

Using cookieless domains to improve a website performance

A demo of how to set up a cookieless domain

PDO (PHP Data Objects) - Starter Guide

How to move off the deprecated mysql_* and start using PDO in PHP

JavaScript Selector Methods (Use CSS selectors in JS)

How to use querySelector in JS to make CSS style selections in JS

How to do a timed shutdown on your PC

How to do a timed shutdown on Windows 7 and 8

PHP's Ctype Functions

PHPs Ctype functions which validate strings quickly without regex.

How to validate an email address with PHP

A method of validating emails in PHP without regex.